5 Signs You Need Professional Termite Control: Expert Insights from Pro-Tec

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Pest Control, Termites

termites piled up at front door

Termites are known as silent destroyers, causing billions of dollars in damage to homes nationwide each year. Unfortunately, by the time many homeowners realize they have a termite problem, significant damage has already occurred. Pro-Tec Pest Management, with over 30 years of experience in Louisiana and Mississippi, shares expert insights on the subtle signs of termite infestation. Recognizing these early indicators can save your home from severe damage.

1. Discarded Wings Near Entry Points

After termites swarm, they shed their wings. Finding discarded wings near doors, windows, or other entry points can be one of the first signs of a termite infestation. These wings are typically all the same size, indicating that termites have entered your home and are starting a new colony. If you spot these tiny wings, it’s time to call in the experts from Pro-Tec for a comprehensive inspection.

2. Hollow Sounds in Wooden Structures

Termites consume wood from the inside out, leaving the exterior surface intact while the inside is hollowed out. Tapping on wooden beams, walls, and other structures with a screwdriver can reveal a hollow sound in areas where termites are active. This subtle sign is often overlooked but clearly indicates that professional termite control is needed.

termite tubes on exterior walls

3. Mud Tubes on Exterior Walls

Subterranean termites, common in Louisiana and Mississippi, build mud tubes to provide moisture while they travel between their colony and food source. These pencil-sized tubes are often found on exterior walls, foundations, or crawl spaces. If you notice mud tubes, it’s a significant indicator of a termite infestation and a cue to contact Pro-Tec Pest Management for an effective solution.

termite droppings frass inside home

4. Frass: Termite Droppings

Drywood termites, another species prevalent in the South, leave behind a clear sign of their presence: frass. Frass is the term for termite droppings, which look like small, wood-colored pellets. Discovering these pellets near wooden structures in your home suggests active drywood termites. Professional pest control services can identify the extent of the infestation and recommend a tailored treatment plan.

warped doors from termites in mississippi

5. Warped Doors and Stiff Windows

Termites create moisture as they burrow and eat through wood, which can cause doors and windows to warp, making them difficult to open or close. While many homeowners might attribute this to humidity, it can also be a less obvious sign of termites. If you’re experiencing this issue, especially if accompanied by other signs on this list, it’s crucial to seek professional advice.

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If you notice any of these subtle signs, it’s essential to act quickly. Pro-Tec Pest Management identifies and eliminates termite threats with eco-friendly and effective solutions. Our expert team is ready to conduct a thorough inspection, offering peace of mind and safeguarding your home against these hidden invaders. Contact us today for a free estimate and take the first step toward a termite-free home. Fill out the form below today!

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