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Join Our Team: Unlock Your Potential with Pro-Tec Pest Management

Explore our Careers page to discover opportunities for growth, fulfillment, and making a positive impact. At Pro-Tec Pest Management, we believe in nurturing a dynamic team of dedicated individuals who share our passion for excellence.


Guided by strong principles, our values drive every aspect of our operations, ensuring integrity, excellence, and customer-centricity.


Our team is the heart of our success, and we foster a supportive environment where individuals can thrive and make a positive impact.


We value our employees’ well-being and offer competitive compensation packages and benefits to support their growth and happiness.


Pro-Tec Pest Management’s vibrant culture promotes innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to creating pest-free environments.


Termite Specialist

As a Termite Specialist at Pro-Tec Pest Management, you will be a key player in our mission to protect properties from termite invasions. Guided by our strong values, you will conduct thorough termite inspections, identify infestations, and implement targeted treatments to eliminate these destructive pests.

Your expertise and dedication to customer-centricity will ensure our clients receive the best termite protection solutions.

Pest Control Specialist

Join our team as a Pest Control Specialist and be at the forefront of creating pest-free havens for our valued customers.

Drawing on our vibrant culture of collaboration and innovation, you will perform comprehensive pest inspections, devise effective control strategies, and deliver exceptional service to eradicate various pests.

Your passion for excellence will contribute to the success of our mission in safeguarding homes and businesses.

Pest Protection Specialist

As a Pest Protection Specialist, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring our clients’ peace of mind.

Upholding our core values of integrity and excellence, you will provide expert consultation, develop personalized pest protection plans, and implement eco-friendly solutions that pose no harm to families and pets.

Your commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service will help us build lasting relationships and foster a pest-free environment.

Sales Specialist

Join our dynamic Sales team and leverage your expertise to promote our pest control services. Embracing our customer-centric culture, you will engage potential clients, understand their pest management needs, and present tailored solutions.

Your persuasive communication and dedication to our integrity and customer satisfaction values will drive growth and expand our customer base.

Customer Service

As a vital member of our Customer Service team, you will be the face of Pro-Tec Pest Management, upholding our values of integrity and excellence in every interaction.

Your empathetic nature and problem-solving skills will ensure that our clients receive exceptional support and assistance. Join us in delivering top-tier customer service and reinforcing our commitment to creating a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Meet Our Team

At Pro-Tec Pest Management, our team is the backbone of our success. Meet the dedicated individuals who bring passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to providing you with top-tier pest management solutions. Get to know the faces behind our outstanding service, and discover the people who are devoted to making your property a pest-free haven.
renanda kendrick sibley pro tec pest management

Renanda Sibley

Office Manager

glenn hogue pro tec pest management mississippi

Glenn Hogue

Mississippi Territory Manager

chad thornton pro tec pest management mississippi technician

Chad Thornton

Mississippi Territory Pest Expert